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Brian Bailey, Neon Artist

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Brian Bailey is a neon light artist from Longview, Texas currently residing in Springdale Arkansas.  He has worked both commercially and artistically throughout Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado,  and Arkansas bending, bombarding, and wiring neon with precision, consistency, and finesse for nearly a decade.  Brian began his career in 2009 working as an apprentice, during this time he learned the ins and outs of everything neon, starting with simple projects that familiarized him with the material and working his way to more complex commercial projects.  In 2011 Brian branched out into his own endeavors and started his own company, Illuminati Signs.  With a myriad of skills Bailey has not only built a sustainable business for his commercial work he’s also developed his own artistic works of neon and is currently working on his largest project yet, “The Neon Revival Project.”  A literal painter of light, Brian depicts the struggle of good and evil “bringing to life the unseen powers and principalities of neon to reveal the rulers of darkness in this age.”

Brian’s work ethic and creativity amazes me
— Brad Harvey - Co-Founder of Easel

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Photographic Arts
Exposure Today
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Body Politic
Fashion in Review
Tudor Magazine
Coastal Times